Name an Extra Bright Star



Name an Extra Bright Star Gift Package

This is an extra special Star Naming Gift for an Extra Special Person.   Our Star Naming Registrars allocate a Star that is closer to Earth than our Standard Gift Packages.  Stars closer to Earth naturally shine brighter in our night Sky.

If you choose our Extra Bright Star Name Gift

  • You will receive all of the key components of our Standard Gift Package.  However this package has a premium Star Naming Certificate.  This shows off the Stars “Extra Bright” Status.

Perfect for a someone special in your life.  This could be the person you know who is a bright and cheerful soul.

Then there is no better way to give them a personal gift that truly represents their soul?

Sometimes the brightest souls are the ones we no longer have with us on Earth.

When they were here with you, they had a spirit that left such a bright mark on you and people around you.  Were they the life and soul of the party? Did they emanate a bright energy that is missed every day?

If you answered yes – then we think this is also a really perfect memorial gift.  Naming a Star for someone we have loved and lost allows us to remember them and the bright energy they possessed.

93% of our bodies are made of the same chemicals and minerals that are found in Stardust.   Therefore someone with such great energy will have transcended back to Stardust and they remain around you forever.

Whatever the occasion – Naming an Extra Bright Star is unique and an amazing gift to give anyone you care about.

Looking for something that is even more Special than this?  

Then we have our fantastic Premium Star Naming Gift Package, complete with Framed Star Deed Certificate and Luxury Gift Box with Gold Embossed Logo on the Lid and so much more.

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