Name a Binary Star Gift Package



Binary Star Gift Package

Did you know that a Binary Star is actually 2 different stars?  They appear as just 1 star from the naked eye and most telescopes.

However Binary Stars are two individual stars that spend their entire lives orbiting each other in close proximity.  They never leave each others side, and remain together in orbit until they explode in a supernova.

With such a strong gravitational pull to each other it is said they almost “dance across the sky together” for eternity.

The symbolism that this represents is one of the reasons why our Binary Star Gift Package is extremely popular with Couples.

You can name 2 Stars with this Gift!

To reflect the special nature of Binary Stars, we allow you to provide 2 names for this gift package.  This means we will name both the Stars within the Binary Cluster.

Both Names can be added to the unique Star Deed Certificate

This is brilliant for couples or 2 people.  It also is an economical way to Name a Star for 2 people without spending the extra cost of an individual Star Naming Gift.

Have you ever wanted to give someone a special surprise?

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