Acre on the Moon

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Acre of Land on the Moon Gift Package
Moon Acre


Acre on the Moon

Acre on the Moon |  Have you ever looked up to the night sky and wondered what it would feel like to own a piece of land on the Moon?

Well now you can;  An Acre on the Moon Gift Package makes you the Proprietor of your very own plot of Land on the Moon.

The Moon is present in the night sky, throughout most of Earth’s history.   We know all too well about how the Moon affects the tides and the gravitational pull on the Earth.  Human life could have been very different without the Moon.

Every human that has lived on Earth has considered the Moon to be out of reach.  However that changed in the 1960’s as the Americans and the Russians began their quest to reach the Moon and walk on its surface.  1969 is the year that everything changed.   Nasa launched Apollo 11, and for the the first time EVER, a human set foot on the surface of the Moon.

Our quest to explore other worlds changed from that moment onwards.   Landing on the Moon is considered to be one of the greatest achievements in mankind’s history.

A piece of Lunar History:

This Gift grants ownership to over 4000 square metres of genuine solid Lunar Land.

Allocating a Lunar Acre for your gift is a delicate process requiring expertise and knowledge.  We employ a team of qualified Planetary Land Surveyors, that take on this special task for us.  They are expertly trained and have many years of experience in surveying the Moon and choosing the best locations.

This gift package is a great way to start preparing for the chance to live upon the Moon.  This could happen within all of our lifetimes.

This Gift Package has contents that will help you with your preparations.  The contents of this Gift are :

  • Exclusive Lunar Land Deed Certificate – showcasing the location of your specific Acre on the Moon, and how to find it using map co-ordinates.

  • A Factsheet that is informative and covers so much essential information about the Moon Factsheet

  • Our Timeline of Lunar Exploration – Discussing our Human Obsession with the Moon.

  • A Transcript of the 1969 Apollo Moon Landing

  • Welcome Letter from our CEO introducing your Moon Land Ownership Gift

  • Contained inside our Lunar Land Gift Portfolio Folder


Fancy choosing another Gift Package?

We provide a range of different Lunar Land Gift Packages.  Each one has a variat.  Our most popular and personal favourite is the Acre on the Moon Premium Gift.  This is such a special gift and it is beautifully presented.  Check out all of our Moon Acre Gift Packages here:

(1 Acre on the Moon, randomly allocated and to include a Name of your Choice printed on the Lunar Land Deed)

(1 Acre on the Moon, located in the infamous “Sea of Tranquility” – This is the most desirable location on the Moon Surface.  As such it was made famous because it was the location chosen by NASA for the 1969 Apollo 11 Moon Landing.  Strictly limited)

Why not aim further afield?

Own an Acre on Planet Mars?  We have Mars Acre Gift Packages  also available.  Each is hand selected by a Mars Planetary Land Surveyor – Experts on the Solar System and the Planets that are closest to us.

Give them the gift that is truly out of this world!  Why not Check out our Acre on Mars Gift Packages?

Just click here : Acre on Mars


Don’t forget to keep up with all the latest information about the Moon and Mars by checking us out on Twitter : Twitter


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  1. Lisa Dubrovnik

    My boyfriend really liked it ! Especially the certificate which he has framed now ! A good price and arrived really quickly !

    • admin

      Hi Lisa, Thanks for your feedback we are glad you and your Boyfriend like this gift. The Certificates look great framed so I can see why he has done that as we have a few special ones, framed here in the office too. Many thanks – Connor – Customer Services Leader

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