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Reasons to Choose Our Award Winning Star Naming Registry​

Every Star Naming Gift is Unique!

We Never Name a Star Twice!

 Only Genuine Visible Stars!

We Use Trackable Couriers!

Always Fast Dispatch!​

An Acre on the Moon and Mars

Why Should you Buy a Star Name from us?


We hope that you choose to Name a Star for Someone Special with us at  – As an award-winning Star Naming Registry,  you can trust in our choice of affordable Gift Packages.  Each one is designed to deliver a truly special experience.  

Our team of Expert Star Naming Registrars have many years experience at naming stars.  In-fact they have named stars for thousands of happy customers.  Therefore we pride ourselves on delivering  5* Service and ensuring that our customers feel valued at every stage of the Star Naming process.

Choose us today and you will not be disappointed!

Unusual and Unique Gifts

Acre on the Moon / An Acre on Mars is a really unique gift, and the unusualness is something that delights and resonates with our customers.

Regular feedback that our Moon Acre/ Mars Acre Gifts are the perfect solution.  In particular when buying a gift for someone who is notoriously hard to buy for, or who already has everything!  They are a fun, and meaningful gift solution and we are proud to offer them to you today.

Suitable for almost any Occasion: 

Our Gift Packages are suitable for almost any occasion, and for people of any age.   As such you could : Name a Star for a Birthday Gift, or for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or a celebratory occasion.

Many people choose to Name a Star in Memory of someone.   Providing a positive way to bring comfort at a difficult time.

Regardless of your reason for choosing our Gift Packages ; we promise that we will always do our utmost to delight you and provide a great level of service.  In the  hope that you will recommend us to friends and family.  That is how we truly will grow our business in a sustainable and ethical way.  A

  • Name a Star as a Birthday Gift
  • Buy a Star for Valentines Day
  • Name a Star in the Memory of Someone 
  • Choose a Star for Mothers Day
  • Gift a Star for Fathers Day
  • Name a Star for a New Baby
  • Buying a Star for a Pet You Love

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