Acre on Mars Personalised


Acre on Mars Personalised


Acre on Mars Personalised

We have something very special that you need to know about! Did you know it is now possible to own a plot of land up on Planet Mars?  Well you can!  We are an exclusive seller of an Acre of Land on Planet Mars.  

Our team of Planetary Land Surveyors, are experts at choosing perfect locations that they then allocate to you on the surface of Planet Mars.  The great thing about this Gift Option, is that you also get to choose any name you wish that will be registered alongside your Acre.  We include this on the Red Planet Land Deed which shows the ownership of this Acre.  It will remain in the Red Planet Land Registry forever, and thats what makes it such a special gift option.

It is a genuine gift that is fun, informative and completely unique.

Buy Planet Mars Land today!

The colonising of new planets has been the stuff dreams are made from. But now, with our strong values and many years experiencein this field we will put all efforts into helping you make your dream come true by finding a better home for humanity on another celestial body! It’s not just an idea anymore; it’s reality waiting outside our reach—right here within arm lengthreach away for motivated individuals to take action today before time runs out!

In this Gift Package you will receive a single allocated Acre on the Surface of Planet Mars

Plus – Our Acre of Land on Mars Gift Package includes:

  • Red Planet Land Deed – This shows the location of your Acre on Planet Mars including co-ordinates and details of how to locate your plot of land on Mars.
  • This is our Personalised Option – This means you can choose any name that we will include on the Deed Certificate and in the Mars Land Registry where it will remain for eternity.
  • Interesting Facts about Planet Mars
  • Is there Life on Mars Factsheet
  • Official NASA Artemis Boarding Pass to virtually join their next mission to the Moon, and then onto Mars!
  • A Welcome Letter introducing this gift

All contained inside a beautiful full-colour gift folder:

This is a popular and unique gift package.  We suggest you get ahead of almost everyone else on Earth and Buy this Gift Package Now!

You will become part of a very small and very exclusive community of people that possess real estate and land up on Mars!

If you want something thats even more special, then check out our Premium Acre on Mars Gift package.  Click the Link below to be taken to this fantastic product.

Premium Acre on Mars Gift Package




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