Acre on the Moon Premium



Acre on the Moon Premium

Acre on the Moon Premium – How would it feel to look up into the sky at night and be able to say you own a piece of the Moon?

Well, now you can – as you’re the proud proprietor of an acre of land on the Moon.

The Moon has been present in our night sky throughout history and without its effects on the tides and gravitational pull on the Earth – human life may not have been the same.

Once out of reach, we can now reach the Moon and walk on its surface, as seen in the 1969 Moon landing – one of the greatest achievements in mankind’s history.

Now you can possess a piece of this history as well as over 4000 square metres of genuine solid land.

Who knows – one day you might even get to visit your land!

This is our most popular Gift Package to own an Acre on the Moon.

Each Acre sold is a Genuine plot of Land on the Moon that has been hand chosen by our Lunar Land Surveyors

Acre on the Moon

You may not be able to live on the moon just yet but at least you can start preparing for the chance when you buy your own Acre of the Moon!

  • You will receive a personalised and Framed A4 Lunar Land Deed Certificate showcasing the location of your Acre on the Moon

  • All about the Moon Factsheet

  • Timeline of Lunar Exploration

  • Transcript of the 1969 Apollo Moon Landing

  • Welcome Letter from our CEO introducing your Moon Land Ownership Gift

  • All contained inside our Luxury Gift Box (magnetic closing with beautiful black ribbon to make it the perfect gift)

Buy now and who knows – one day you might even get to visit your land!


Why not aim further afield,  and how about owning an Acre on Planet Mars?  Our Mars Acre Gift Packages are also available.

Hand selected by our Mars Planetary Land Surveyors – This is the chance to own a piece of the Red Planet.

Give them the gift that is truly out of this world!

Click Here to Buy an Acre on Mars


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