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Naming a Star in the UK for Special Occasions

Star Naming...

Can I name a Star? 


Yes anyone can Name a Star,  and they can do this pretty easily and with very little information from you.

Why Should I Name a Star?

The act of naming a star is a unique and special way of honouring someone or commemorating a significant event or memory. 

Is there a company that you can recommend?

It is important to buy a star naming gift package from a reputable company that has a good reputation.

We recommend as the perfect place to Name a Star for someone special.

Why do you recommend them?

They are really great because they have a great choice of different Star Naming Gift Packages.  They are also great value for money when compared to other Star Naming Registries.

UK based and they are Award Winning – because of their great service.

 Is it recognised?


This database is recognised by astronomical organisations worldwide, ensuring that your star’s name is officially recognised.

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