Strawberry Moon

Strawberry Moon for June!

The Strawberry Moon is a unique astronomical phenomenon that takes place every year, typically around the early summer months. This breathtaking event is called the Strawberry Moon due to the reddish-pink hue that the moon appears to have during this time. In the United Kingdom, many avid stargazers look forward to this event with great anticipation as it provides a rare opportunity to witness one of the most sensational lunar displays of the year. The Strawberry Moon is a fantastic opportunity to explore the beauty of the natural world and to connect with the wonders of the universe. Whether you are an experienced astronomer or simply someone who appreciates the wonder of the night sky, the Strawberry Moon is an event that is not to be missed. So take the time to look up and experience the magic of the Strawberry Moon for yourself!

The exact time for the Strawberry Supermoon to reach its peak in the UK is 12.51 pm on Tuesday, June 14 2023
- this is exactly when the Sun and Moon are on opposite sides of the Earth -

The phases of the moon are a fascinating and complex phenomenon that has fascinated humans for thousands of years. From the waxing and waning of the lunar cycle, to the breathtaking spectacle of a full moon rising over the horizon, the moon has captured our imaginations and inspired countless works of art and science throughout the ages. The phases of the moon are influenced by a variety of factors, including the moon’s position in relation to the earth, the gravitational pull of the sun and other celestial bodies, and the composition of the moon’s surface and atmosphere. Understanding the phases of the moon is a critical part of lunar science, and has important implications for astronomy, space exploration, and even our daily lives. So whether you’re a professional astronomer or just someone who enjoys gazing up at the night sky, the phases of the moon are a fascinating and endlessly fascinating subject that is sure to captivate and inspire you for years to come.