Moon Map

Map of Moon 2023

Moon Map –

These maps depict the Moon as it will appear from the northern or southern hemisphere on International Observe the Moon Night, October 21, 2023. 

For those celebrating on alternate days, please note that the maps also give an approximation of the Moon’s appearance for several days before and after the event.

Each map includes sections dedicated to lunar landforms, lunar maria (seas of basalt), and human landing sites.

Many of the best views will occur along the terminator (the line between the day and night side of the Moon).

Can you find the key locations on the Moon?  

Can you find Moon Landing Sites? 



Acres of Land on the Moon can be missed if you are not careful !


Map of the Moon
Map of Earths Moon


The Seas On the Moon!

Mare Frigoris (Sea of Cold)
 Mare monum Ser of Rains
Mare Serenitaus Sea of Serenity)
 Mare vaporumIsea ot vacors)
 Mare Tranquilitatis Sea of Tronamity
Mare Grisilm Sea of frises!
Mare Nectarts (Sea of Nectar)
H Mare Fecunditatis Sea of Fertility
Mare Humbolatienum Sumhold’s Seal
• Mare Anguis Serpent Seal
K Mare aroints Border Seal
Mare lindanim Sea of Waves
M Mare Soulmans Sea of Fnam

This is an amazing resource that can be used to identify the sites of the amazing Apollo Moon Landings.

 The provided map is an incredible tool that can help you explore the location of these historic moments in detail. 

You can take a journey of discovery through the vastness of space and experience wonder at the human achievements of the Apollo missions. 

By using this map, you can follow the footsteps of the brave men who landed on the moon and learn about the fascinating science and engineering behind the missions. 

Embark on an unforgettable journey as you discover the locations of these remarkable events. 

Let’s explore the Apollo Moon Landings together!

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