Moon Acre

If you’re looking for a unique and thoughtful gift, you might want to check out! 

This website offers an incredible opportunity to purchase an Acre of Land on the Moon!  Moon Acre Gifts are really unique!

They have a variety of Gift packages and each one includes several items such as:

  • Lunar Land Deed Certificate
  • Interesting Facts about the Moon
  • Timeline of Lunar Exploration
  • NASA Transcript from the 1969 Moon Landing
  • Welcome Letter introducing the Moon Acre Gift
  • Colour Moon Land Gift Folder


For an added personal touch, you can even have a personalised message included in the package.


Throughout history, humans have looked up at the night sky and been fascinated with the Moon.

From its waxing and waning to its full and new phases, the Moon has always captured our imagination. 

Some cultures even believe the Moon holds mystical powers.

Perhaps one reason for our fascination is that the Moon is the closest celestial body to Earth.  This makes it seem more accessible than the distant stars and planets that share the sky with it. 

Additionally, the Moon has played an important role in shaping Earth’s history.

Its gravitational pull affects the tides and has influenced the evolution of life on our planet. 

With all these factors combined, it’s no wonder that the Moon continues to captivate and inspire us to this day.

Acre of Land on the Moon Gift Package Moon Acre