Facts about Stars

Star Facts blog
  • Every Single star you see in the night sky is bigger and brighter than our Sun!
  • The Sun is our nearest star to us here on Earth.  After the Sun our next nearest star to earth is called Proxima Centauri
  • Proxima Centauri is about 4 light-years away (That is, about 5.87 trillion miles) and the light traveling from Proxima Centauri takes about 4 years to get here – Thus, the light is 4 years old when we see it from earth
  • The most massive stars are the ones with the shortest life span – They lend their mass to a high density of chemicals; as such they burn their fuel much quicker than smaller stars
  • There are some stars that are 100 times more massive than our Sun. These stars also can deliver an output about 1 million times more energy than our sun, while still maintaining the same size radius!
  • Our sun has a surface temperature of about 5500 degrees Celsius and the hottest stars have been identified with a surface temperature of around 50,000 degrees Celsius.  (The coolest stars are around 3,000 degrees Celsius)
  • It might look like all the stars are out there by themselves, but many come in pairs called Binary stars. This is where two stars orbit a common centre of gravity.
  • 100 million light years – This is furthest distance of a star that has been observed so far. It was found in the “m100 galaxy” of the “Virgo cluster”
  • When you look at the Stars, they can appear to be different in colour. this is because of their temperature as they are not all the same. Hot stars appear white or blue, whereas cooler stars appear to have red or blue hues.
  • Stars occur in many sizes, which are classified in a range from dwarfs to super-giants.
  • Despite how often stars are claimed to “twinkle” this is not true. The twinkling effect is the light from the star passing through the Earth’s atmosphere, and is merely deflecting the light before it reaches your eyes

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