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Star Naming

Can you name a star ? this is a question we are asked regularly and unfortunately it doesn’t have a straightforward answer!

When a new star is identified the finder of the star is given the chance to designate an official Name for that Star.  This is something that they agree through the International Astronomical Union (the body that can authorise this to be named and recognised across the globe).

However there are many thousands of Stars that have been identified and are simply known  by a designated number (due to the quantity involved).

This means that there is an opportunity for commercial companies to be able to offer customers a chance to Name a Star by giving a name to the Stars recognised with just a number.

Naming a star is a wonderful way to commemorate a special occasion or to honor a loved one.

There are many reputable star-naming services available that can help you select a star.

Visit where we provide you with a certificate of authenticity, and even offer optional add-ons such as a star chart or a framing service. 

Whether you’re looking for a unique birthday gift, a way to remember a special moment in time, or simply a meaningful way to express your love and appreciation, naming a star is a lasting and memorable tribute that will shine bright for years to co