Buy a Piece of the Moon

Acre of Land on the Moon Gift Package Moon Acre

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s a piece of the Moon! 

That’s right, now you can surprise your loved ones with a one-of-a-kind  lunar gift package from

While it may seem like something out of a science fiction movie, it is indeed true that you can now purchase a piece of land on the surface of the moon. As such  advances in technology and space exploration allow private companies to now offer individuals the opportunity to own a small parcel of the moon.

While the land itself may not be accessible or inhabitable in our lifetimes, it is a unique and exciting way to own a piece of space history.  In the hope that maybe one day we’ll be able to use it for something amazing!

Owning a piece of the moon can be a fun and interesting addition to your collection, or a unique gift for a space enthusiast.   While the land may not be accessible to us now, it is a symbol of the advancements we have made in space exploration and technology. It’s fascinating to think about the possibilities that may arise from owning a piece of the moon in the future. Whether you choose to display it proudly or keep it as a personal keepsake, owning a piece of the moon is a one-of-a-kind investment in the history and future of space exploration.

But wait, there’s more! offer a choice of Great Value Gift Packages, that include:

Each gift package is bursting full of content about Earth’s Moon and includes:

  • Fun facts about the  Moon Document
  • A Timeline of Lunar Exploration
  • NASA Transcript for the 1969 Apollo 11 Mission to the Moon
  • Wide Awake in the Sea of Tranquility – Transcript
  • Welcome Letter introducing this gift 
  •  Presented inside your very own Moon property presentation folder.

Each item is specially curated to intrigue and excite anyone with a passion for astronomy, space, or science.  Not only but also purchasing a piece of the Moon will make an unforgettable gift, as it is informative, educational and fun.

So, why not make your loved one’s dreams come true with this amazing lunar gift package from 

It’s a gift that will be remembered for years to come, and who knows, it could be the start of an extra-terrestrial real estate empire.